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The BOA-SIA CPD Programme is a continuing professional development system, developed by the SIA for professional development needs of architects as a mandatory requirement for renewal of practicing certificate. The objective is to enable architects to keep themselves current, acquire new knowledge and skills, plan for the future, and responsibly meet the role society entrusts to a professional. The BOA-SIA CPD Programme aims to assist architects in maintaining their competence and achieving their professional goals.

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The PE Act requires registered professional engineers to comply with requirements relating to continuing professional development (CPD) as part of the criteria to renew their practicing certificates.

The objective of continuing professional development (CPD) for professional engineers is to reinforce the need for lifelong learning.

The unit of measure for effort spent in pursuing continuing professional development is termed as Professional Development Units (PDUs). PDUs are obtained from participation in CPD activities.

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SISO is a leading institution that caters to workplace safety and health (WSH) learning and development needs of the WSH community and workplaces. With a comprehensive training and education curriculum, SISO offers a diverse range of continual professional development opportunities to enhance competencies of WSH Professionals, of persons seeking to gain better WSH insight, and of workplaces looking to improve the safety culture of their workplaces.

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