À propos du salon

Les organisateurs comptent sur votre participation au Salon international sur la santé et la sécurité, tenu conjointement au XXIe Congrès mondial du 4 au 6 septembre au Centre des Congrès et des expositions Marina Bay Sands de Singapour. Afin de promouvoir la santé et la sécurité au travail, le salon présentera les technologies, innovations et bonnes pratiques les plus récentes en la matière. Les visiteurs du salon pourront découvrir les stands et les présentations de fournisseurs de solution et de partenaires de premier plan venus du monde entier.

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Exhibition Opening Hours

4 September 2017 (Monday)0800 – 1800hrs
5 September 2017 (Tuesday)0800 – 1800hrs
6 September 2017 (Wednesday)0800 – 1700hrs

Registration & Badges

Trade visitor badge should be collected on-site at the registration desk outside Hall A, Level 1, Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

Registration Counter Opening Hours

4 September 2017 (Monday)0730 – 1730hrs
5 September 2017 (Tuesday)0730 – 1730hrs
6 September 2017 (Wednesday)0730 – 1630hrs


  • Sécurité axée sur le comportement
  • Dépistages de drogue
  • Sécurité électrique
  • Installations, équipements
  • Protection incendie/sécurité des produits et systèmes
  • Installations et accessoires de sécurité
  • Assurance/législation/services financiers
  • Maintenance, service et réparation
  • Technologies de mesure et de contrôle
  • Équipement de protection individuelle (EPI)

  • Protection contre les explosions et les produits toxiques
  • Protection des biens
  • Tenues professionnelles de protection
  • Services et gestion de l’assurance qualité
  • Accessoires et tenues de travail de sûreté
  • Appareils de sécurité pour les machines
  • Installations et équipements de sûreté
  • Système et équipements de sécurité
  • Manipulation sûre des substances dangereuses

  • Services et conseils en matière de sûreté
  • Logiciels de sécurité
  • Services et conseils en matière de sécurité
  • Logiciels de sécurité
  • Zones debout
  • Formation technique
  • Sécurité des transports et véhicules
  • Gestion des déchets
  • Travail en hauteur

Gestion des urgences

  • Protection NRBC
  • Gestion des crises et des urgences
  • Décontamination

  • Gestion des systèmes d’alerte rapide
  • Communication et information d’urgence
  • Médecine d’urgence

  • Formation d’urgence
  • Aides techniques

Santé au travail

  • Restauration sur le lieu de travail/Alimentation saine
  • Premiers secours, secours
  • Hygiène et équipements sanitaires
  • Gestion de la santé au travail/prévention

  • Médecins et cabinets au travail
  • Architecture du poste de travail et ergonomie
  • Contrôle de la pollution de l’air

  • Détection biologique
  • Protection contre les radiations
  • Réduction du bruit/silencieux/protection contre les vibrations


  • Éditeurs
  • Médias

  • Livres, documentation, affiches, revues spécialisées
  • Certification et normes

  • Organisations non gouvernementales
  • Organisations à but non lucratif

Exhibition Symposium Schedule

Date/ TimePresentationPresenter
4 Sep 2017
11:00 – 11:30
Managing infectious diseases: Sieving out the marbles Dr David Teo
Regional Medical Director, Assistance Services, Asia, International SOS
4 Sep 2017
12:10 – 12:55
Launch of Workplace Safety & Health Technology Challenge
Ministry of Manpower is calling for a collaboration for a WSH Technology Challenge with companies to co-create solutions to increase safety and operational efficiency within worksites and public roads. Companies are invited to submit their proposals that will address work-related vehicular safety issues.
MOM, Singapore
4 Sep 2017
13:00 – 13:25
Operational risk to operational excellence: For diversified workforce
Every organization is on a safety maturity curve, striving toward improved risk management and safety performance. To guide us along the journey and move us forward, we develop rules and regulations, implement processes and procedures, create safeguards and deliver training. Despite all of the systems, equipment and training, we are still willing to take risks. DuPont will share analysis focusing on employee’s mind set in ASEAN region. « Risk analysis on the employees who have different races / cultures ». DuPont’s new personal risk awareness solution that applies the latest research in neuroscience and decision making. It help organizations systematically improve the safety and well-being of their employees. Innovative personal safety awareness program helps workers elevate their awareness and reduce unsafe decisions and behaviors by making conscious, deliberate choices when it comes to risk.
Deepti Venkateswar and Sarang Mahajan
DuPont Sustainable Solutions
5 Sep 2017
12:30 – 12:55
Health and safety management in the digital age
Health and Safety is not just about meeting legislative requirements, it’s about preventing future incidents by using big data and gaining insight into underlying trends. Find out how leading companies are leveraging advanced software tools to engage employees and ensure compliance, and how emerging technologies can transform your EHS management.
Stefan Geib
UL EHS Sustainability
5 Sep 2017
13:00 – 13:30
Mitigating risks in a crisis—Know where your employees areBrian Cheah
Head of Sales & Marketing, International SOS
5 Sep 2017
15:30 – 16:00
E-learning, the future in training
With an ever-evolving learning environment, businesses’ need to find new ways to increase workforce engagement and drive business performance. The accessibility of technology makes it easier and more cost effective for businesses to utilise online learning tools via Mobile, Tablet and PC to increase multi-generational workforce engagement in e-learning programs. Join Steve Clarke as he VISUALLY demonstrates Cell-Media’s bespoke e-learning solutions as a leading global provider.
Steve Clarke
Cell-Media ELearning Asia
6 Sep 2017
10:00 – 10:30
A platform for sharing safety and health best practices in research and education
Working Group for Higher Education and Research (WG HER) Sector, formed under the auspices of the WSH Council is a platform for its members (6 Universities, 5 Polytechnics, 3 Research Centres and 2 Hospital Clusters) to discuss safety & health requirements for pre- employment training and to share best practices.
Working Group on Safety and Health for Higher Education and Research Sector (WG HER), National University of Singapore
6 Sep 2017
11:00 – 11:30
Managing and minimising travel security risks amidst international expansionYoshiro Fukuma
Regional Security Director, APAC, International SOS and Control Risks
6 Sep 2017
12:10 – 12:30
Ascertain workplace safety at all times with IoT
Falls are among the most common workplace accidents. With the arrival of safety management solutions that leverage sensors and IoT technology, finely-tuned responses to accidents, and sometimes proactive responses, are now possible. Join us as we showcase the power of IOT to ascertain your workplace safety at all times.
Max Chua
Fujitsu Asia
6 Sep 2017
12:35 – 12:55
Smart glass solutionAshish Batra
Vice President, Head of Innovations, NTT DATA Singapore Pte Ltd
6 Sep 2017
13:00 – 13:20
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming our lives at home and work. At home, you may be one of the people who uses AI to carry out tasks such as controlling the lights or unlocking your car by simply commanding a machine. AI is becoming an integral part of the social fabric of this World, Certis CISCO together with Ministry Of Manpower, would like to showcase.
Fuji Foo
Certis Cisco Security Pte Ltd
6 Sep 2017
13:25 – 13:45
Increasing workplace safety with smart surveillance and robotics
Due to the shortage of manpower, aging workforce and increased focused of workplace safety, Oneberry has recently introduced its security, surveillance and inspection robot platform, the Oneberry RoboGuard™.

Does the job scope of some of your workforce include tasks such as patrolling in remote or dark areas, inspections in confined, inaccessible or unsafe environments such as drains or tunnels?

Learn more about how this customisable platform can replace these tasks performed by humans that are tedious or prone to risks and hazards, to help increase overall safety, productivity and efficiency of the job and workers.

Ken Pereira
CEO, Oneberry Technologies
6 Sep 2017
15:20 – 15:40
Future-proofing the workplace–Leveraging technology for the workers
Employees are not just an operational extension of a company. They are often unsung heroes in their respective roles and their commitment to the company is what differentiates a great company from a good company. Therefore, it is important that when reviewing strategies and work processes, employers are not just planning from their corporate war rooms, but also walking the ground to understand the employees’ pain points.

In this session, TAG Industrial will share case studies on why it is important to wear the employee’s hat and think technology implementation from their perspective.

Melanie Koh
TAG Industrial Pte Ltd