SafeYouth@Work Media Competition

About the SafeYouth@Work Media Competition

Did you know that young workers suffer the highest rate of injury and illness on the job due to a lack of awareness of safety rules and rights, training and experience?

The ILO SafeYouth@Work Project is launching a global media competition to help put youth vision and voice at the centre of discussion on preventing workplace accidents and diseases. The media competition is carried out in conjunction with the International Media Festival for Prevention and the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, and welcomes creative and engaging multimedia submissions that speak to young people.

The SafeYouth@Work Media Competition is an opportunity for young people around the world to show what “Safety and Health at Work” means to them by showcasing innovative ideas, at the International Media Festival for Prevention.

SafeYouth@Work Media Competition Starter Kit

You can spread the word using this SafeYouth@Work Media Competition starter kit:

  • TEXT: Download the attached text and send to your network;
  • POSTER:  Print the attached posters (A3 black & white, 2.97 MB;  A3 colour, 4.91 MB – please print DIN A3 / colour if possible) and distribute to schools, young worker organizations, youth groups, art associations etc. Let us know if you need a printed poster mailed to you (1-2 weeks), or require a high resolution version of an oversized A-1 poster.
  • FILM TRAILER: Check out the media competition clip below and share it on social media channels, websites, and newsletters via this link

Submission Procedure and Material Specification

Submissions can be made by anyone aged 15-24 (at the time of competition registration). Submission categories include film, photography, drawing, music and writing. Young people with a creative idea that doesn’t fit into one of these categories can submit their work through the innovative “Surprise Us!” category. All submissions are required to have been produced after 1 January 2016, however, there is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted by any one participant.

The Prize

Winning entries to the SafeYouth@Work media competition will be featured at the XXI World Congress for Safety and Health at Work. Submissions will be presented alongside the International Media Festival for Prevention, before a global audience. In addition, selected winners will be invited to Singapore to share their ideas on safety and health, at the World Congress.

Closing Date

The deadline for submission is 16 July 2017.

For more information on the SafeYouth@Work Media Competition, please contact, and follow the ILO LABADMIN/OSH branch on Twitter @ILO_OSH with the hashtag #SafeYouthAtWork or on Instagram @labadminosh