Technical Sessions

04 September 2017
13:30 – 15:30
Level 4, Meeting Rooms

Technical Sessions

Synopsis for concurrent technical sessions: T1, T3 and T6.

T1: Vision Zero

Level 4, Melati 4001B

The social and economic losses caused by unsafe work environments are significant. Despite progress in recent decades, the trend in reduction of accidents and diseases has slowed in many countries as a result of rapid changes in the labour market.

In response to this situation, the ISSA will launch a global Vision Zero Campaign. The campaign promotes a comprehensive prevention strategy and safe future for all without fatal or serious work accidents, occupational diseases and traffic accidents. The campaign supports and complements multiple related safety and health initiatives under the common theme of “Vision Zero”.

The Vision Zero campaign aims to mobilise and inspire a renewed and voluntary commitment by decision-makers, employers, business leaders, managers and occupational health professionals to safety and health for all people at the workplace through the application of a series of simple principles.

In this Technical Session, business leaders will provide examples of successful vision zero at their enterprises. They will discuss the importance for management to act with awareness, lead consistently and build a climate of trust and open communication at every level in the company to achieve a top safety and health performance.

Furthermore, occupational safety and health organisations will be invited to illustrate how they support Vision Zero and how the campaign can become a sustainable and global process that leads to the reduction of occupational accidents and diseases.

Chair/ Moderator

Dr Walter Eichendorf
Deputy Director-General
German Social Accident Insurance


Mr Patrick Murphy
Senior HSE Business Executive
Origin Energy
Safety Institute of Australia

Mr Chit Sieng Wong
Chief Corporate Officer
SP Group

Mr José Raúl Gonzáles
Chief Executive Officer
Grupo Cementos Progreso

Mr Brian Long
Group Head of Safety and Sustainability

Mr Cristian Moraga Torres
General Director
Mutual de Seguridad CCHC

Mr Cameron Mustard
President & Senior Scientist
Institute for Work & Health Ontario

Er Siong Hin Ho
Commissioner for Workplace Safety and Health
Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

Ms Shelley Frost
Director – Strategic Development
Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
United Kingdom

Mr Helmut Ehnes 
Secretary General
ISSA Mining Section
International Social Security Association

Click here for T1’s detailed agenda.

T3: Compliance strategies and good practices on occupational safety and health

Level 4, Orchid 4203

The regulatory framework is an important element of national systems of occupational safety and health (OSH) and a necessary condition for safe and healthy work environments. Compliance mechanisms, and in particular labour inspection continuously improve their strategic responses to prevent work-related accidents and diseases. The technical session will present recent strategic options and practices of national authorities to promote compliance with applicable legislation and foster good practices aiming at well-being at work. The session will include national experiences from Asia, Europe and South America.

Chair/ Moderator

Mr David Clarke
Chief Executive Officer
Safety Institute of Australia Ltd


Dr David Michaels
Milken Institute School of Public Health Department of Environmental and Occupational Health
George Washington University
United States of America

Mr Tien Tung Nguyen
Chief Inspector
Ministry of Labour Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam
Viet Nam

Dr Shojiro Yasui
Deputy Chief Occupational Safety Specialist
Department of Occupational Safety and Health
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Dr Richard Judge
Chief Executive Officer
Health and Safety Executive
United Kingdom

Mr Zheng Li
Deputy Director Supervision
Department IV
State Administration of Work Safety
People’s Republic of China

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T6: Regional Approaches to a safe and healthy workplace

Level 4, Peony 4403

With the increased mobility in businesses and labour across international borders, there is a need to ensure that good Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) standards are maintained. Regional networks provide suitable platforms to facilitate sharing of good safety and health practices and initiatives. They also provide opportunities to understand broader perspectives on how education, community and culture could accelerate development of safety and health standards among countries.

Chair/ Moderator

Mr Kevin Myers
International Association of Labour Inspection
United Kingdom


Dr Christa Sedlatschek
Executive Director
European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Mohammad Anuar Bin Embi
Department of Occupational Safety and Health
Ministry of Human Resources

Dr Alan Chan
Vice Chairman
Occupational Safety and Health Council,
Hong Kong

Dr Julietta Rodriguez Guzman
Regional Advisor
Workers & Consumers Health, Pan American Health Organisation
World Health Organisation
United States of America

Mr William G. Perry
Directorate of Standards and Guidance Occupational Safety and Health Administration
United States of America

Dr Franklin Muchiri
Senior Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
Specialist and Team Lead, OSH Unit
International Labour Office (ILO)

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